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Buy Vilitra 60 mg | Vardenafil Tablets Online

Generic Vardenafil

Vilitra 60 mg helps adult males in the treatment of impotence or erectile dysfunction (ED) condition. Erectile dysfunction condition is explained as an inability of achieving and keeping the hard erection enough to complete the sensual playing satisfactorily. Hence, Vilitra is taken during intended lovemaking session that helps a man accomplish and sustain the required hardness in order to fulfill the sensual desire without experiencing the erectile disappointments.

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Mechanism of action of Vilitra 60 mg:

Vilitra 60 mg is a popular brand that contains generic Vardenafil, which helps in ED treatment. When a man is sensually provoked, his body releases nitric oxide and result in the increased blood flow towards erectile organ for attaining hardness. Therefore, during ED, Vilitra helps in blocking PDE-5 enzyme resulting in the widening of narrowed blood vessels followed with the prevention of cGMP deprivation. Consequently, a man will be capable of accomplishing and keeping the firm erection in action for satisfying the complete sensual intimacy eliminating the erection failure issue.

The dosage schedule of Vilitra 60 mg:

Vilitra 60 mg is an orally ingested tablet formulation advised to be taken orally using water and regardless of the food. Hence, the dosage regimen is advised as an oral consumption of a single dose of Vilitra 60 mg at approximate 45minutes prior to the intended lovemaking session with the partner. Sensual arousal is must for the drug to be active within 30minutes of tablet use so that the drug remains active for the next 4-5hours. Hence, more than 1tablet is not suggested on the same day and should be taken only when required with a gap of 24hours between two doses else, an overdose of Vilitra will result in painful or prolonged erection (priapism).

Irksome effects of Vilitra 60 mg:

The most commonly observed adverse effects when using Vilitra 60 mg are facial flushing, headache, runny nose, back pain, indigestion, stomach upset, dizziness, muscle pain, or nausea. These side effects are transient and usually withdraw after a short duration.

Conflicting conditions for the use of Vilitra 60 mg:

  • Do not take any medication called “nitrates” or anything that may have nitrate constituent with Vilitra 60 mg because of the risk of sudden hypotension.
  • Do not take Vilitra if you are hypersensitive to any ingredient of this brand formulation.
  • Taking Vilitra 60 mg is conflicting during medical conditions of liver, kidney, heart, genitals, or bleeding issues.
  • You should not take Vilitra 60 mg in case you are less than 18years or above to 65 years of age.

Safety measures with the use of Vilitra 60 mg:

  • Avoid consuming grapefruit juices and food with high-fat content with the use of Vilitra 60 mg because of reduced absorption of the medicine.
  • Taking alcohol with Vilitra 60 mg can result in exaggeration of irksome effects resulting in the worsening of health, so you must avoid it.
  • Driving and other tasks such as operating any machinery or any other should be avoided after taking Vilitra 60 mg because of dizziness effects of the medicine.

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