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Generic Vardenafil

Vilitra 20 mg is particular drug comes under the category of erection failure medication. The drug has amazing working action on soft erection and makes out the tough erection between man pants so that they can perform pleasing lovemaking. The drug is one of the safest and cheapest options available in the market for erection management. It does not make you feel low on the bed while playing intimacy as a combination of sexual stimulation and medication produces a tough erection and interesting lovemaking take place.

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The working mechanism of Vilitra 20 mg-

Vilitra enfolds of generic Vardenafil as the main working component, which falls under the PDE-5 enzyme inhibitor. The drug works on the enzyme PDE-5 and causes the blockage of the enzyme to show its further action. By blocking PDE-5 it prevents the breakdown of cGMP into the body. The sexual stimulation on another hand may cause the release of nitric oxide required for the production of CGMP into the body. The Raised cGMP causes blood vessels relaxation and supply blood require for a harder erection.

Dosage intake of Vilitra 20 mg-

Vilitra 20mg is commercially accessible under the oral tablets. The impotent men are suggested to swallow the one single tablet of 20mg via an oral route once in a day.  The medication should be only taken before planned intercourse, hence if you have no plan of playing intimacy then do not take the medication. You have to swallow the tablet 45 minutes earlier to intimacy as it takes 25 minutes to get absorbed in the body. The drug lasting action nest for the duration of 5 hours, therefore, take only one tablet in 24 hours.

Drug adverse effects

The intake of Vilitra may cause some adverse effects in the men body as of muscle pain, dizziness, nasal decongestion, facial flushing, body pain, headache, vision changes, stomach upset and a ringing sound in the ear.

Contraindications of Vilitra 20 mg-

The intake of Vilitra is conflicted if men are suffering from the illness of allergic reaction with Vardenafil. Other than this, the intake of Vilitra is prohibited if men have past record of liver, kidney, heart, epilepsy and blood pressure issues.

Drug interactions

The use of anti-coagulant, antifungal, nitrate component, HIV/ADS, and antibiotics in combination with Vilitra is prohibited as of drug interaction. The drug interaction may inhibit the drug action and may cause an adverse reaction in the body.

Safety procedure of using Vilitra 20 mg-

  • Reduce the ingestion of smoking, alcohol and grapefruit juices while taking Vilitra.
  • Elude the fatty food from the diet if you want the faster drug dissolution.
  • If taking nitrate derivative then prohibit the Vardenafil as the combination has hypotension activity.
  • Elude drive and machinery like activity after drug ingestion as it may cause dizziness impact.
  • If painful or prolong ejaculation happens of overdose then better to avoid the overdose or consult with a doctor. 

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