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korlym mifepristone kit

Korlym | Mifepristone Kit

Korlym - Mifepristone

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Korlym is the best effective medical method which is used by a number of Females as the best medical method to wash out their unwanted pregnancy. Korlym contains Mifepristone as a main acting pharmaceutical agent, which is an Antiprogesterone hormone. Mifepristone stop the activity do Antiprogesterone hormone which is responsible to supply the required oxygen and nutrients to the fetus and terminates the pregnancy.

Procedure to follow for consuming abortion pill Korlym:

Korlym is the pack of 3 tablets you should consume all three tablets of mifepristone at once. The route of administration is oral you can consume it with a full glass of water. This medication can be taken with or without food. After waiting for 2-3 days and Take a clinical visit for the verification of successful abortion. If still found pregnant then take 2 other tablets of Misoprostol.

You should take off some medical conditions which are highly restricted to consume Korlym:

  • if you are having any allergic reaction towards the active and inactive drug components of the Korlym the keep away from the drug
  • Avoid consuming the Korlym if you are suffering from the renal and hepatic disorder.
  • If you are suffering from regular vaginal bleeding then do not consume Korlym for abortion.
  • If you age is less than 17 years you are not allowed to consume Korlym.

After consuming Korlym it is very common that you will experience heavy vaginal bleeding and stomach cramps and other than this you may also see some other side effects like urinary tract Infection, overexcitement, failing, change in appetite,  inflammation in extremities, Joint pain, sickness, Back pain, change in colour of skin, Sudden changes in blood pressure, fever.

Health care tips after abortion:

  • Follow the diet enriches with the proteins, vitamins and nutrients along with lots of fluids.
  • Take complete bed rest.
  • Do not take part in with your partner for a week.
  • Try to avoid lifting heavy weights.

Korlym is easily available online. 

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