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erex 50mg 100mg

Erex 50 mg | 100 mg | Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

Generic Sildenafil Citrate

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40 Tablets Erex 100mg - Generic Sildenafil Citrate $0.88 $35.20
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Erex 50mg and 100mg is used widely for uprooting erectile problem in males. Erex has most essential ingredient as Sildenafil. Erex helps in harder erection by stopping the functioning of PDE5. PDE5 works by breaking down cGMP of smooth muscles. With inhibition of PDE5, there is the rise of cGMP and so vasodilation occurs with a good amount of blood flow to the penile region.

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Conditions for which Erex 50 mg is been recommended: Erex 50 mg is well-known drug used in case of erectile dysfunction (impotency). It shows fast action within few minutes of its use.

Drug information: a) Dose recommendation: You have to swallow a single tablet of 50 mg, 50 to 60 min before having physical intimacy. Take it with enough of water. Having food or no food along with it does not matter much.

b) Missed dose: There is no chance of missing a dose, as it is taken when you require as per your need.

c) Over dose: Do not take double dose as it will result in side effects. Do not take more than a single pill in twenty-four hours.

Warnings and precautions of Erex:

  • Avoid taking if you show an allergic reaction to its ingredients.
  • Not to be taken in case of blood pressure problems and liver impairment.
  • Cease the intake of nitrate form of the drug as it leads to hypotension.
  • Convey your doctor if you get painful or longer erection.
  • Make sure to let your doctor know about your medical conditions such as deformed penile, stroke, bleeding disorder, stomach ulcer, or liver/kidney disease.
  • Alcohol plus grape fruit juice elevates side effects of Erex.

Side effects of Erex: Some side effects which potentiates with the use of Erex are a painful erection, Shortness of breath, irregular heart beat, hearing loss, muscle pain, flushing, seizure, abnormal vision, stomach upset and dizziness.

Drug-drug interactions: Various possible drug interaction which might change the action of Erex are anti fungals such as (Ketoconazole, Itraconazole), antibiotics such as (Erythromycin, Clarithromycin), HIV/AIDS drugs such as (Ritonavir, Indinavir), and drugs used to cure the prostate disorder.

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