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pain o soma 500 mg

Pain O Soma 500 mg | Carisoprodol

Generic Carisoprodol

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Pain O Soma is commonly used medication for the treatment of pain. Moreover it is also used for the treatment of rest and physical treatment and other difficult musculoskeletal conditions. The active constituent present in pai o soma is Carisoprodol that converts into Meprobamate after administration.

How soma works?

It demonstrates anxiolytic and narcotic properties. It is a halfway acting medicine and has a place with a class of drug known as a muscle relaxant. This medication demonstrates the impact by denying the exchange of pain signs between the nerves and the cerebrum. This action of pain o soma 500 mg helps in the treatment of muscle pain, back pain, and other minor throbs of the body.

How to use pain o soma 500 mg?

The advised dose of pain o soma for the treatment of pain is 500 mg. Take this medication orally 2 to 3 times each day and at sleep time. The dose of this medication is not same for each patient. You have to administer this medicine orally with an adequate amount of water. Take it every day at same time. You should not crush or bite the tablet gulp down as an entire.

Side effects of pain o soma 500 mg:

While taking this medication some common side effects may appear such as obscured vision, discombobulating, spewing, cerebral pain, and acid reflux migraine, obscured vision, gloom, feeling peevish, rest issues (a sleeping disorder), sickness, healing, hiccups, and annoyed stomach.

What are the contraindications of pain o Soma 500 mg?

  • In the case of epilepsy or another seizure issue, liver and kidney disease do not try to take pain o soma.
  • Do not take this medication if you are allergic to generic present in the Carisoprodol.
  • Do not use herbal products, vitamins along with pain o soma.

What are the precautions of pain o Soma?

  • Avoid consuming alcohol along with pain o soma 500 mg.
  • This medication is contraindicated in the case of pregnancy and lactation as it can bring about unsafe impacts to the child.
  • This medicine is habit forming so you should not use it for a more duration.
  • While taking this drug your thinking abilities and mental capacities may get influenced by that condition you should not drive. 

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