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azopt eye drop 1% (5 ml)

Azopt Eye Drop 1% (5 ml) | Brinzolamide

Generic Brinzolamide Opthalmic

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Azopt eye drop 1% has a remarkable application in lowering raised the intraocular pressure in patients diagnosed with open-angle glaucoma or ocular hypertension. Azopt eye drop 1% encloses a generic drug ophthalmic suspension called Brinzolamide. It helps to lower high pressure inside the eye and prevent blindness.

Mechanism of action of Azopt eye drop 1% (5ml):

Brinzolamide belongs to the class of medicine known as carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. It inhibits the function of carbonic anhydrase enzymes in the ciliary processes of the eye that causes a decrease in aqueous humor secretion. Thereby, it reduces intraocular pressure in the anterior chamber of eyes.

Method of administration of Azopt eye drop 1% (5ml):

Azopt eye drops 1% is an ophthalmic suspension and should be instilled in the glaucomatous eye. A patient has to instill one drop of Azopt eye drops 1% in the affected eyes three times daily. If a patient has to use another medicine for the eyes, then he or she has to use the medicines at least 10 minutes apart.

Contradictory conditions for the use of Azopt eye drop 1% (5ml):

  • If you have hypersensitive reactions with Azopt eye drop 1% or its other ingredients, then do not use this medicine.
  • If you are a lactating mother, then do not use Azopt eye drop 1%.

Safety measures to be followed while using Azopt eye drop 1% (5ml):

  • Do not instill Azopt eye drop 1% into the eyes while wearing contact lenses, so remove them before using this eye drops.
  • If you if you have liver or kidney disease or you are planning to become pregnant, then consult your doctor before using Azopt eye drop 1%.
  • Your vision may get blurred after using Azopt eye drop 1%, so do not drive or operate nay machinery after using this medicine.
  • Never recommend Azopt eye drop 1% to children, as the safety and efficacy of this eye drop have not been established in children. 

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